You can buy flowers in a lot of different places – from supermarkets and bodega’s, to big box retailers, on-line, and of course, at local florists. At Sunshine & Clover, we believe that all flower shops are not equal, and our goal is to provide customers with beautiful, affordable, elegant and unique arrangements. Flowers are hand selected each and every week, ensuring not only freshness and quality (our bouquet’s typically last longer than our customers expect), but allowing us to constantly have new flowers in unique and stunning color palettes and combinations. 

Going to the flower market (often 2 to 3 times a week) is always a thrill, and taking the time to see the new offerings, select the best quality flowers, create a fantastic color story, and be inspired is what Sunshine & Clover is all about. Each and every arrangement, no matter what size,  brings all these elements together – inspiration, passion, beauty, and color. by viewing our site or stopping into the shop, you can see some of our arrangements, become accustomed to our look, and get a taste of our style. You can see how we love to mix together not only flowers, but textures, leaves, grasses, berries etc. 

From a customer perspective, our goal is to make buying and enjoying flowers easy, casual, and fun. Every arrangement is unique, and we cater to any budget. If you know exactly what you want, that’s great. If you want to trust us to create something amazing, we love that too. If you are placing an order over the phone, rest assured that whatever variety of flowers we have in that day will be arranged in a fabulous combination, or as we like to say a "mixture of fabulousness." We are not your typical florist or online shop, We value the natural, "fresh from the garden", organic look and movement of our arrangements, and simply put, love how they make us feel.

 We thank you for your business, value each and every customer, and aim to make your buying experience enjoyable. We are in the business to serve, and how lucky for us that we serve happiness!

Emily & Jason Prince, owners Sunshine & Clover