flower market fabulousness

flower market fabulousness

Get to Know Us...

By Emily Prince, founder and owner

Simply put, I am gaga for flowers!  Their special ability to bring joy into the home, nurture the soul, and connect us with nature, is truly amazing. My floral style favors the wild, the natural, the just picked, the unique, the wow, and the fantastic mixture of textures we are so crazy about. Our flowers are perfect for every occasion as well as... just because!

After a wonderful 6 years owning my charming colorful brick and mortar retail shop, I have taken my flower business in a new direction. Hope you’ll take a read about my new Flower Market Floral Service…

Greetings Sunshine & Clover friends! I want to share some exciting news as I look ahead to my next adventure revamping my business. After closing my shop for a move out of state that didn't happen, I was missing being around all my flowers. So, I went directly to the place I sourced all my flowers from, and have been working (crazy early hours) at the flower market, learning a completely different side of the business. I am now surrounded by hundreds of amazing varieties of flowers from all over the world, every single day. Let me tell you, it is quite the operation! This little break away from my shop has led me to think of other new ways to continue being creative, do what I love, and provide you with beauty and inspiration in a new way. 

Because so many beautiful flowers are at my fingertips everyday, I am able to bring that access to you by offering local customers the freshest of the fresh, direct from the grower, ordered and approved by me, and into your hands...BUNCH flowers.

What are bunch flowers you say? Well, simply put, in the floral industry when taking orders we say "how many bunches do you need?" so it's quite literally a "bunch" of the same variety of flowers. Flowers will be sold in multiple stems depending on how they are packed by the grower for you to enjoy, be inspired by, and create with - however you’d like. The flowers you choose will still be hand selected by me and meet S&C standards, which allows ME to make sure YOU receive the most beautiful, longest lasting, and highest quality blooms to achieve the most happiness and joy that flowers and all their beauty bring!   Basically, any flower you want if it’s in season, I’ll source it, quote you a price and it’s yours! So keep those flower requests coming. And definitely check out Sunshine & Clover’s Facebook and Instagram pages where I’ll be posting so many varieties of flowers available. Or, prefer I select a beautiful assortment for you, check out the Bundle Bouquet offer…

the BUNDLE BOUQUET $100 and up

perfect for the recipient who prefers to design with their flowers

Bundle Bouquets are beautiful fresh BUNCHES of flowers and greenery/texture
in a complimentary color palette that I’ll select and you’ll design with, enjoy, fill one big vase or several and/or give as a gift. Bundle Bouquets come with multiple varieties and will be wrapped market style.  

Get Ready To Be Inspired and Get Creative Sunshine & Clover Style!

BOUQUETS $75 and up

perfect for the recipient who wants flowers wrapped and ready to give

Order a bouquet and I’ll select beautiful flowers, foliage, and textures (like always), I’ll clean the stems, arrange in a bouquet, wrap in tissue and market paper, write a note, and viola they’re ready to give. Prices go up for Fuller and Fullest Bouquets. Ok to suggest a favorite flower or color.

VASE $85 and up

perfect for the recipient who doesn’t want to do a thing but enjoy

Our fabulous flowers that are used to create bouquets will be designed in a mason jar, vase, container, or other vessel. Price depends on fullness and style of vase used.

Play with Flowers Workshops!

Stay in the know through our Facebook, Instagram, and Emails about specials, holiday and seasonal offerings and workshops hosted by me!

I’m excited for the next chapter of Sunshine & Clover, where it takes me creatively, and the services I can provide you. I don't want to say it's new and improved because I absolutely loved my brick and mortar shop, so let's just call it Sunshine & Clover Version 2.0 Revamped & Restyled.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my new adventure, and stay tuned for more services I will be providing. Any questions please reach out, and I look forward to getting you those awesome BUNCHES & BUNDLES & BOUQUETS & VASES!

Sunshine & Clover will still be taking on select event, parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and special occasions, call or email to inquire.

Love from your flower fanatic friend,


Sunshine & Clover

Croton on Hudson, NY